Supporters & Retailers

The Surf Boardroom
Location: Shop 22 Ocean Plaza, Scarborough WA 6019
Insta: @thesurfboardroom 
The Surf Boardroom opened its doors in 1988. Ever since, they have made a huge mark in the surf retail industry with a strong reputation for its range of products and one of the largest surfboard and hardware collections in the state. The locally owned surf shop has come onboard to support Pistol Surf Co and is the brands current leading account. You can find all the products available in the store with the bonus of top customer service and a good chat.  


Von Dresselt Surfboards 
Location: 2/12 Burler Drive Vasse 6282 
Insta: @vonboards 
Ryan Von Dresselt the talented craftsman behind VON the board label has been shaping for over 20 years. VON has used his expertise and knowledge of the ocean and WA's surf conditions to develop surfboards that perfectly suit all wave types and surfing abilities. Pistol x VON have been working together from the very beginning and have build a strong alliance and relationship. A VON board just isn't the same without a Pistol pad and leash. 


Menace Company 
Location: North Beach, WA 6020
Insta: @menacecompany 
Brothers Dan and Jack, developed and established Menace in 2013. They produce all clothing with unique original designs and limited runs all produced and created by Dan. A Future collaboration of Pistol x Menace is currently in the mix with a fresh piece of clothing that will be released in 2019. Surprise! its a board short that will make you shred.  
Aloha Surf House  
Location: Unit 3/ 7 Winton Road 
Joondalup WA, 6027
Insta: @aloha.surfhouse 
Aloha Surf House is the first indoor wave house in Western Australia that offers a variety of wave types and difficulties. The three waves are the River Wave, The Sweat Spot and my personal favourite The Barrel. The facility also offers a number of different activities including a Climbing and Adventure course, Cafe and Coffee as well as a fashion Boutique for the shopping lovers. You can either pay for a single session which is $39 per half hour, or you can purchase a 10 session pass for $320. There is a Pistol Surf Co merchandising stand with all products and accessories, so plenty to look at in between surfs, climbing or a coffee and food break. 
Ocean Styles Fremantle 
Location: 229B Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle 
Insta: @oceanstylestore
Ocean Styles is a lifestyle orientated surf shop in the heart of Fremantle. It has a unique layout filled with fashion based threads and a variety of surfboards, ranging from high performance twin fins, old school single fins, mini-mals and longboards. It is far from your average surf shop and will be sure to have something that will get you up and about and frothing to get in the water. 
Hollow Surf 
Location: 1/5b North Beach Shopping Centre 
Insta: @hollow_surf_shop
Located in the northern suburbs of Perth, directly opposite the beach and coast. Hollow Surf is a surf store that has a nice balance of corporate big name brands but also supports core local brands within the area. They offer a range of surfboards, hardware, wetsuits and apparel and will be able to satisfy all your surfing needs. They have a small selection of second hand sleds if your after a cheap buy and have all the Pistol gear in store, so when you buy a new board you have the option to grip it up with best quality product on the market. 
Corner Surf Shop
Location: 103 Marine Terrace, Geraldton WA 6530
Insta: @cornersurfshopwestoz

Corner Surf Shop was established in Geraldton, Western Australia in 1976. Sam Salmond, a local legend who spent his days at the beach surfing and mentoring the younger generation, took reign of the store. Suzi his partner was in charge of the fashion and trend in women’s clothing, while Sam provided surfers with the best gear and local advice. Corner Surf is a store with charm and charisma with an extensive range of surf hardware and apparel. 43 years in business and the store is only getting stronger, with receiving the 2018 Retailer Of The Year award by the SBIA foundation. “We believe in giving back to the community by supporting up and coming surfers through sponsorship and are a foundation sponsor of the local Geraldton Board Riders”.

Jetty Surf Kalbarri 

Location: 166 Grey Street, Kalbarri WA 6536 

Insta: @kalbarrijettysurf


Established in 2004, located in the heart of Kalbarri, a small country town up in the North West. Kalbarri is renowned for its world class waves, with Jaques Point providing pumping lefts all year round. Jetty Surf utilises the knowledge of different wave types within the area, to cater for the local surfers needs by providing all the hardware and accessories needed in order to get a tube. They stock a variety of fashion and style apparel brands, catering for both genders and ages.  

Innertube Esperance 

Location: 85 Dempster Street, Esperance WA 6450

Insta: @innertubesurfshop

Phone: 08 9071 7333

In one of the most pristine places deep in the South West lies Esperance. Innertube Surf is a locally owned and orientated surf and apparel store that is paving and creating the small towns surf scene. Esperance has a superior reputation for its beautiful coastline, offering a variety of crystal clear beaches. Innertube stocks all sorts of Pistol products and is your go to surf store for all your essential surf needs. 

Coastal Life Surf & Skate 

Location: 44 Prince Street, Busselton WA 6280

Insta: @coastallifesurf


Coastal Life is the local surf shop within Busselton. They stock everything for both surfers and skaters including hardware and accessories. They have a large range of brands too choose from, priding themselves on their fashion apparel taste and style. They have a solid surf board collection and offer all the essential Pistol product to kit out your new sled.