Desert Blue The Film


Experience what 37 days in the desert looks like. Be warned its not for the weak and will get you extremely frothed for your next surfing adventure. Best watched with a couple cold beers or a glass of wine.  

                                                Desert Blue Film Premier

On a Saturday evening many people gathered for the celebration and film release of Desert Blue. This all went down at El Grotto, which has recently been awarded the best tequila bar in Australia. It was a wild night, with the venue hitting capacity within half and hour of the event opening its doors. There were plenty of ladies and gentlemen that came down in high spirits, showing there love and support too all the boys involved in the films creation. The film popped off, with screams and hoots, especially in the final scene where mad man Josh Cattlin was chucking himself down giant bomb after bomb. The atmosphere and energy was at an all time high and it was an experience and memory that will be forever remembered. The dance floor afterwards was just as intense, with pretty much every bit of floor space taken up with crew grooving and dancing until it was time to leave. Thank you to all who came that night. Lets just say I can't wait for the next one !!



Desert Blue North West Adventure 


Winter this year really turned it on, the Indian Ocean produced a number of crazy swells in which a bunch of us managed to score some of the best waves of our lives. We decided to pack the Cruiser with camping gear, surfboards, food, beers and missioned up to into the desert located in the North West of Australia. We spent a total of 37 days in the desert, surfing, exploring, fishing, drinking beer and basically just cruising around enjoying life. Throughout the trip, we had a few cameras rolling and was able to document the waves that were caught and times that were had. By the end of the trip, we had countless amounts of footage and was able to create a 27 minute short film, called Desert Blue. The film features local WA surfers Jake Edwards, Nick Muntz, Jack Chalis and Josh Cattlin. Billy Cervi, Michael Tartaglia and Jack O'Grady were large content creators and were vital parts of the films development, gathering film and digital photos of the trip. Below are a few shots of the good times and adventures. Keep an eye out for Desert Blue, that will soon be shared online via STAB, Surfer Films, Beach Grit and Nobody Surf. Check it out when you have a chance, just make sure have a beer or two ready when you do 🍻 

All photos below are taken by Michael Tartaglia and Jack O'Grady.

New Year Wave & Cave  


To celebrate heading into the new year, a bunch of lads decided to chuck the boards and camping gear in the car and head down south. The wind has been wild lately, with the onshores raging by the early morning. After drinking beers around the campfire each night, it made it hard to beat the southerlies in an attempt to get a clean offshore surf. If you hadn't surfed by 8am then you cooked it. On the last day, the wind was howling by dawn, so as a team we all decided to go for a big adventure.

We heard rumours that an unknown bay existed, in the hope that we would discover a new wave or hideout. No shoes, no water and one pack of Oreo's were all the essentials needed for the journey. We walked a good 5km through bush and rock but we finally came across a tucked away horseshoe bay. It was made up of sand and small reef patches with a little right running in the corner. It was a pretty rough looking ocean, but on the right conditions, it could definitely pump. We will be back that's for sure. 

On our way back to the cars, we decided to take a different route. We were not too far from the carpark when we noticed a large cave/ cliff face in the distance.On a high from our previous new bay discovery, we decided to give the cave a crack. The track looked like it had not been used in a long time, trekking it through chest-high shrubs and bushes to get there. It was well worth the effort as the cave was massive and quite overwhelming. We climbed down the rocky ridges to get a closer look and to investigate further.

After looking around for a while we noticed that through a small entry it opened up into a large underground amphitheatre. Roughly 15m beneath the surface was a giant cavern expanding 50m wide and two stories tall. There were huge stalagmites hanging from the ceiling with a few rogue bats lurking also. The cave was dead silent and had a spooky feel too it, with limited glimpses of light shining through the cracks above. Judging from our surroundings, no one had been down this deep in the cave for years. With only a few iPhone torches to guide us through, we walked the entire cave exiting the opposite side of where we entered. As soon as we were back on solid ground, everyone started yelling and screaming running off pure adrenaline. Everyone was so pumped about what we all experienced we instantly called the highlight of the trip then and there. A potential future cave rave could be on the cards, so stay tuned...

Camp Setup:

The Cave:


Pistol x Menace A Quick Trip South:


The Summer period has definitely kicked in, with very limited swell and the roaring southerly wind that unfortunately follows. WA has been struck with a cursed run, with Huey the swell god producing nothing but 1ft slop. With a brief change of conditions, a rise in swell and an offshore breeze, a few lads and the Menace boys decided to pack the Hilux's and head towards Boranup Reserve, which is slightly south of Margaret River. The objective, to camp freely and too hang out for a few nights in a search of waves, some good times and to cruise and enjoy what the beautiful coastline has to offer. Throughout the trip, the boys scored some fun waves at Red Gate Beach, Contos and Lefthanders. To add to the adventure, multiple beers where cracked, ideal campfire feasts were made and every lad got stitched up by mosquitos. Overall it was a weekend that will always be remembered and etched forever into the memory bank. The below video was created by Dez on his new iPhone 8, not bad Dez.


Jake Edwards (Snako) and a few heaving kegs in the North West: 


Snako is known to charge big barrels and loves tackling waves that others will only dream of or mind-surf. Even better, he loves a red tin and a ciggie but most importantly is an all round great bloke. This all takes place at a paradise known as Gnarloo, that exists roughly 12 hours north of Perth.
When the cold winter strikes the South West, you pack your bags, bring everything you own including camping equipment, food, snacks, beers, head torch, a pouch and of course a large quiver of boards including some step-ups with some extra paddle power. Make sure you have plenty of spare leggies also. 
After the long drive and a two hour dirt road track road, you will arrive at a magical place where the desert meets the sea. The red dirt, large cliffs, bugs and the clearest blue water is just scratching the surface. A small drive from the camp, you will discover a pumping left-hander rifling down the long reef as far as the eye can see. This wave, known as Tombstones will blow your mind and isn't to be surfed by the weak. Prepare for some of the best barrels you can get, along with burning calfs and many serious beatdowns to follow. You surf all day, fish, dive and drink piss every night watching the sunset and you do it all again the next day. What more could you want. There is also a bunch of other world class waves in the area, including the pumping right Snako surfs, you just got to find them. 

Rusty RatPack rider Jake Edwards - North from rustyintl on Vimeo.